61 people attended our Assembly in July, our first via Zoom. Thank you so much to everyone who joined us. This Assembly took place against the backdrop of the Covid crisis. This crisis has caused both Church and Society to begin to ask deep and searching questions. For the Church, there have been “internal” questions as to how the Church conducts its life when buildings are not available, when people cannot meet up easily in physical arenas and there have been “external”, missional questions about the calling of the Church in new and rapidly changing circumstances.

In order to open out these questions, we prefaced the Assembly with a short survey and during the Assembly, we conducted polls based on the survey responses. We also asked small groups to respond to the questions:

  1. What is God calling us to?
  2. What should characterise the church of the future?
  3. What will most impact MK: a City Alive to God?

and feedback.

Read about the survey, the results of the polls and your feedback here – Assembly July 2020 Analysis