With thanks to Margaret Broadhurst for this report

Stitching Event Saturday evening at the Quaker Centre

More than 20 patches were added to the Coat of Hopes from MK and the local area – 10 being from Milton Keynes.  It was deeply moving to hear the inspiration and the heartfelt hopes informing the creation of each patch. 

Tree Cathedral Service Sunday evening led by Revd Paul Smith

During the service Barbara Keal, the artist, explained the purpose of the Coat was to carry people’s hopes for the future to the Climate Change Conference in Glasgow and that more patches made by people further north will be added on the way.  Many people wore the Coat after the service including Revd Nicola Martyn-Beck. 

Monday morning the Pilgrims leave accompanied by Revd Neil Popham

Neil joined the pilgrims for part of the walk to Towcester and wore the Coat of Hopes as he walked with the pilgrims. https://www.facebook.com/coatofhopes/videos/1157368688006672/

The Quaker Centre Hospitality

The pilgrims said how much they enjoyed staying at the Quaker Centre and its special atmosphere of calm and peace.