Camino to COP

The Camino to COP pilgrims (see will arrive in Milton Keynes this Saturday, 11th September, on their way to Glasgow. They will stay in Milton Keynes two nights, and depart to walk to Towcester on Monday. On Sunday afternoon there will be two services in MKĀ  it is hoped the pilgrims will attend: the first, at 5.00pm they will be participating in a special outdoor service at the Cathedral of Trees, and the second at 6.30pm will be Choral Evensong at Christ the Cornerstone at which one or more of the pilgrims will be invited to address the congregation.

Coat of Hopes

On Saturday 11th September the patches created in Milton Keynes will be sewn on to the Coat of Hopes that is being worn by the pilgrims on the Camino to COP. The Stitching Event will take place from 7.00pm – 8.30pm, at the Quaker Centre, 1 Oakley Gardens, Downs Barn, Milton Keynes MK15 9BH.

Why Faith matters at COP26

To help Christians to better understand the importance of COP26 the Green Christian network has launched Why Faith Matters at COP26, which is a lively visual presentation highlighting the four main areas that COP decision-makers need to address: our interconnectedness with nature; the importance of climate justice to protect the vulnerable; the potential for wellbeing without ever-increasing consumption; and the significance of hope if change is to be achieved. Please share the Why Faith Matters at COP26 presentation with family, friends and work colleagues.