As Christians we put a lot of focus on the cross.  It is at the centre of most churches and the subject of most sermons.  We even wear it on necklaces.  In contrast, much less attention is paid to the resurrection.  Without the resurrection, evil would have won.  The resurrection is God’s great ‘YES’ to the world.

Death is the great enemy, but it has been defeated. Sin is the great destroyer, but it too has been defeated.  Both of these menaces have been defeated by the greatest event the world has ever witnessed: the resurrection of Jesus.

And it is all a gift from God. I did nothing to deserve it. He did not merely die to get me into heaven, but to get heaven into me.  His life – pure and powerful – now lives in me.  I am in Christ, and Christ is in me.  St. Paul begins Colossians with “Since you have been raised with Christ,” because that is the fundamental truth about who I am.  Whatever we face, we do not face it alone, but with the one who now rules and reigns in the heavens, prays for us and will see to it that in the end we will laugh until it hurts, because the beauty of God is overwhelming.

Jesus is the King of the Universe, the ruler of all. You and I have been raised with him, alive to the world above, where he is.  And since Jesus is now in the position of authority as the resurrected Lamb and Lion, nothing, absolutely nothing, can prevent our access to God and his glorious realm.

God gets the last word. And God is good.  And it is going to be well.  All manner of things will be well.


Jesus rose from the grave. There is nothing I cannot rise from. Even death cannot hold me down. Nothing can separate me from the love of God in Christ Jesus.


Gracious Abba, thank you for sending your Son, Jesus to die and rise, to defeat sin and death and all that plagues humanity. His resurrection not only proves your victory but gives me new life, salvation and hope. Thank you.


Have you known, and been living your Christian life from, this reality (that you died and rose with Jesus)? If not, why do you suppose it was never explained to you? What difference can this insight have in your life as an apprentice of Jesus?

What things from your life before being raised with Christ are you holding on to that are hindering you from experiencing the freedom given in Christ?