“Knowledge is power” the old saying goes.  And it is true.  There is a lot to know in this vast universe: and in this information age we have access to more knowledge than we can handle.  Unfortunately, while beneficial and useful, that knowledge is something we can live without. 

What is the most important knowledge we can have?  Knowledge of God.  If there really is an almighty Deity, then knowing and understanding this God would be the supreme knowledge.

However, our small, finite minds cannot grasp the eternal God.  In order for us to know God, he will have to reveal himself in ways we can understand.  That is precisely what God, through Jesus, has done.  Jesus reveals the Father to us.  And he does it through the Holy Spirit.

How?  Not through a curriculum of facts.  Rather the Spirit guides us into the depths of the relationship between Father and Son, which is self-sacrificial love.

The Spirit enables us to see and know God.  Te Spirit tells us that God is beautiful, good and true.  The Spirit whispers to us that God is love, that we are loved.  The Spirit encourages us to set our minds on things above, to bathe our thoughts in the life, teaching, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus.  The Spirit invites us to participate in that loving communion between Father and Son: the good news of the now-available life with God.

This is knowledge that changes everything.  But it is not to be understood as a theory: this knowledge must be lived.  And when we grasp this knowledge, we are renewed. Our lives are transformed. If knowledge is in fact power, then this knowledge is the most powerful reality than anyone can know – not knowledge about God, but knowledge of God.   Thanks be to God, through Jesus and the Holy Spirit we can know it.


The Spirit witnesses to me in whispers, revealing the amazing love between Jesus and his heavenly Father, and in so doing, witnesses to our spirit that we are his beloved children in whom God is well pleased.


Gracious Abba, thank you for sending your Son, Jesus, to make you known to us. And thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to lead us into these truths. Increase my knowledge of you, so that my new self can be renewed. Amen.


If you could have a better knowledge of one aspect of God, what would it be?