In this last daily excerpt from ‘Hidden in Christ’, Prof. Smith summarises the key themes of this devotional journey.  We have reproduced the last page of his book verbatim below…

The main ideas behind these ‘Hidden in Christ’ devotionals can be summed up in two powerful truths that describe who we are and where we live:

First, ‘I am (your name) in whom Christ dwells.’ 
Second, ‘I live in the strong and unshakeable kingdom of God.’

These are not make-believe, wishful ideas or positive thoughts.  They describe reality.  Jesus is with you.  Your life is safe and secure, hidden in God.  Your destiny is not up for grabs.  You will one day be revealed with Jesus in glory.  You – who Jesus said are the light of the world – are one going to radiate as bright as the sun.  Because of who you are (one whom Christ has raised and made new and now dwells in), sin  has no place in your life.  You do not run on sin anymore. You run on grace.

So in truth there is nothing you cannot do.  In this world we have troubles.  Our careers do not take off or they sputter.  Our relationships sometimes fall apart.  Our dreams and hopes are dashed by dire circumstances.  We lose loved ones, we suffer losses, we undergo trials.  People let us down. We let ourselves down.

But thanks be to God, we are not managing this universe.  God, through Christ, is.  And by his grace we are made partakers of a new, divine nature.  So we wake up and face a new day, not alone, relying on our own resources.  We awaken to each new day with God at our side, our good shepherd who walks beside us, leading us to still waters and quiet places, through dark valleys, and into great feasts.  His goodness and mercy pursue us all the days of our lives.

That is what it means to do all that we do ‘in Jesus name’. 

What if our entire lives became devoted to living as apprentices of Jesus, immersed in his power and presence, living each day moving step-by-step toward an inner transformation into the character of Christ?  If we were to make that our constant aim, God would triumph in and through us, the world would be changed and the gates of hell would rattle.  Of this I am certain.  After all, Jesus gathered a group of rag-tag individuals 2000 years ago and taught them how to live in his presence with his power.  And he did it with only twelve. 

The world is hungering for such people.  Will you join me?