My car stereo, like most people’s, has two different bands in which to receive radio signals: AM and FM.   Now imagine for a moment that one station is constantly proclaiming the values of “the world” and the other, “the Spirit”.  Which station would I listen to?

When it comes down to it, living the Christian life is simply a matter of where we set our minds.  Every moment we have a choice: that is something we are free to do.  What we think about has a large impact on how we live, how we feel, and how we react to the world around us.  If I steep my mind in “things above”, I find myself energised and encouraged.  If I focus my consciousness on “things that are on earth” I find myself frustrated and disappointed.

What are these “things above”?  I think it means things like the unending and unchanging love of God; the provision and power of God; the forgiveness of sins; the fact that God is with us in all we face; our adoption into the family of God; the intimate compassion of God. Simply reflecting on the fact that I have died and risen with Christ changes my countenance.  Setting my mind on the mind-blowing reality that Jesus is praying for me creates a sense of awe. And it makes me glad.

Making a choice to reflect on the truths of God that I know – God is good, God is beautiful, God is true, God is self-sacrificing, etc – and contemplating them as much as possible throughout my day helps me see the world I live in a new perspective. I see my culture through the lens of the kingdom of God.

I have a choice about what to steep my mind in, which will shape my soul, for good or ill. I vastly prefer the good.


Each day I must decide where to set my mind. If I set it on the truths of God I will be happy and holy and strong. Therefore, I choose to set my mind on the things of the Spirit this day.


I am not strong, Lord. I need your help in this matter of where I set my mind. Help me, Holy Spirit, to keep my thoughts on things above.


How have you experienced the difference between setting your mind on the flesh versus setting your mind on the things of the Spirit?

If you could only set your mind on one truth of God (mentioned above), what would it be? Why?