So I am “in Christ”.  But what does it really mean that my life is now “hidden with Christ in God”?

We are all desperate to find answers to two important questions: Who am I? and Where am I?  The deeper questions behind those questions are: Am I significant? and Am I safe?

Then the small epiphany came from the Russian dolls.  Just as the smaller doll was hidden in the larger doll, so my very life is hidden in Jesus.  I am like the smaller doll. I cannot see this life, but I know it is real.  I know it each time I experience God with me.  If Christ is in me, and I am in him, then I am significant, and I am safe.

My identity is something I work hard to establish: I assume that people think I am important because of this identity. But these things are precarious.  What if I lost my job?  Or no-one wanted to publish my writing? Who would I be?

From Colossians 3, and the Russian doll, I got a clear picture.  I am one in whom Christ dwells. And if he willingly gave his life for me out of love and has taken my life into his, then he must also be crazy about me. God, I then thought, does not merely love me, he actually likes me. So my identity became even more wonderful: I am Jim in whom Christ dwells and delights.

I fret about how committed I am to Jesus. What really matters is that Jesus is fully committed to me. My life is hidden inside of his.

What are you facing today? Remember who you are: one in whom Christ dwells and delights.  Remember where you are: “in Christ”, safe and secure. And remember what you are capable of: you can do all things through Christ.

Try memorising and meditating on this phrase today: “My life is hidden with Christ in God.”

AFFIRMATION – the following reprise yesterday’s affirmation, prayer and reflection

My life is safe, secure and hidden in Christ Jesus. I have nothing to fear this day, or any day.


Thank you, Jesus, for establishing my life in you. May I walk in the glorious freedom that nothing can harm me. Help me to live each breath today in wonder over this great truth.


Have you ever felt really alone? If so, how might the truth of this verse bring comfort to you?

In what “earthly” ways do you try to find safety, security and significance?