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coMPass – building capacity for mission

Our purpose is to build capacity for mission by helping you find new or renewed excitement, depth and confidence in Christian faith.

coMPass – finding your direction

The core content will be delivered at a variety of venues on a termly basis. Anyone from across the borough will be welcome at any of the coMPass courses. The leaders of the coMPass courses are all experienced teachers in their area.

The courses running in SPRING 2020 are:

What the Bible Says About

Applying our faith to the complexities of C.21st life is a constant challenge. Christians do not always agree how to apply the teaching of the Bible to the modern world.  How should we use Scripture to shape our approach to the complex moral and ethical challenges we face?  The team of Steve Chilcraft, John Robertson and Peter Ballantine will examine what the Bible does (or does not) say on six major issues:

  • Church, State and Politics
  • Sex and Relationships
  • Family/Marriage/Divorce
  • Work and Leisure
  • War and Peace
  • The Environment



What shall we tell the kids?

A course offering  support to parents of younger children who want to ensure they pass on their Christian faith to their children. Why is this needed? What is it we want to pass on? Where is the best place for the transmission of the faith? Who should be primarily involved? When is the best time? Then, for most of us, there is the most pressing question of all: how?



Beginning to Pray …

  1. …with Scripture I                                 
  2. …with Scripture II                     
  3. …with Creation                                  
  4. …with Icons                                  
  5. …with Silence 
  6. …in Contemplation




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