coMPass… is the guide to adult learning about Christian faith across the Mission Partnership.

You can find out

  • what is available
  • when and where its happening
  • who is leading
  • what the level is from absolute beginner to would-be theologian!

coMPass – building capacity for mission

Our purpose is to build capacity for mission by helping you find new or renewed excitement, depth and confidence in Christian faith.

coMPass – finding your direction

The core content will be delivered at a variety of venues on a termly basis. Anyone from across the borough will be welcome at any of the coMPass courses. The leaders of the coMPass courses are all experienced teachers in their area.

The courses running in spring 2021 are:

What shall we tell the kids?

  1. Connect, Share and Try Things Out!
  2. What do we want to pass on?
  3. Where do our children learn about faith?
  4. Who will help pass it on?
  5. When is best to pass it on?
  6. How do we do pass it on?

Dates will depend on demand

Either: Tues 9th, 16th, 23rd February, 2nd, 9th, and 16th March at 10.00am

Or: Thurs 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th February, 4th, and 11th March  at 7.30pm

If there is sufficient demand, it may be possible to run courses on both sets of dates

All sessions will be via Zoom

Cost £30

Bursaries available on request

Worship: a Spring Clean

Hosted by: Peter Ballantine  

Social change and the impact of Covid are altering our approach to worship. What is important to retain and what to leave behind? How can we be open to the future and faithful to the past?
  1. Was it worth getting up for?    A consumer analysis
  2. Back to the Bible!    The basics of how and why
  3. What have we made of it?   Mining Church traditions                         
  4. The sacrament of the sound system.  The impact of technology         
  5. Mind the gap!  Secular church to fresh expressions                              
  6. Worship: act or being?  After the post service coffee                            

Tuesday evenings 2nd February – 9th March

All sessions will be via Zoom

Cost £30



Being a resilient church

Hosted by: Barry Lotz

We live in challenging times. Where do find the resources to be a resilient church in a demanding age? We will explore some ways forward in conversation with the church in Colossae…

  1. The Purpose of creation          
  2. Nature of reconciliation and peace
  3. The Priority of God’s rule
  4. Christian resilience
  5. Making living choices
  6. The Shape of the community

Thursday evenings 11th February – 18th March

All sessions will be via Zoom

Cost £30


To register for one or more of the courses

Please return the tear off slip from the leaflet (below) to the Mission Partnership address with your cheque


Email us, and pay via Paypal

  • What shall we tell the kids? – Tuesday mornings
  • What shall we tell the kids? – Thursday evenings

  • Worship: a Spring Clean

  • Being a resilient church


If you have any questions, do email us at


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Rev Gordon Simmonds

It is with sadness we inform you of the death of Rev Gordon Simmonds on 19th February. Gordon was the Methodist Superintendent in MK from the late 1970s to the early 1980s and played a significant role in the development of ecumenism in Milton Keynes.

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Spring Assembly

At our Spring Assembly on Tuesday 9th March we will take the opportunity to explain something of Mission Partnership itself and take away some of the mystery!

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March Newsletter

The first Sunday in Lent always centres around those strange and disturbing texts in the gospels which tell the story of the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. It has often struck me that there is a “fourth temptation” which precedes the other three and without which there is no story at all, indeed there is no story about Jesus at all.

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