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In July 2013 we asked you what would most help build capacity for mission. You said this was Leadership & Vision, Community Engagement, Prayer and Adult Learning.

We responded to that with coMPass, Leading for a Change, Leadership Development Programme for Clergy, Prayer and stimulating Community Engagement.

The question then was, how do we take that to the next level and resource it better?

We developed our vision MK: a city alive to God and then asked what things made MK NOT a city alive to God? You said this was external factors + limited sharing of faith, struggling with leadership and needing to grow the depth of our spiritual development.

How do we address those issues?


“Wisdom is the foundational value for the project. A focus on wisdom encourages delight in coming to know God which makes imperative the requirement to nurture such discovery through prayer, scripture, tradition, reason and experience. It invites us to be open to the creative newness of the Holy Spirit, to wonder at creation and to value truth, beauty and goodness. Wisdom is a key element in leadership.”

Our preliminary work:

  • Expand the means of delivery: we are used to classic course model – move to facilitated action learning sets, mentoring, E learning, as well as courses – blending them.
  • Identify areas for learning: Faith learning, the Common Good, Leadership, Pioneering and Planting.
  • Purpose: growing wise disciples/wise church which builds capacity for MISSION.

Opportunity to shape

At our July 2019 Assembly we wanted to find out:

  • Where are the priorities?
  • Are we missing something vital?
  • What do you think the priorities are to building capacity for mission, to grow wise disciples?

You told us:

  • There is a significant appetite for learning across a broad range.
  • Mission was strongly evident in the responses with a large emphasis on addressing the Common Good.
  • People are very interested in discovering the Bible.
  • You want to know how to apply Christian faith to the issues that face us, particularly the environmental challenge.

We noted that:

  • There is a relatively low level of concern with learning for leadership. (Previous investigation has suggested that this is a key area to address.)
  • Various aspects of leading worship are identified as important. (This is not something we were considering.)

The word picture below give a good visual sense of what came across as important.

As we keep building the project, we will want to come back to you from time to time and check that we are pointing in the same direction. Equally, we will try to keep you informed as and when there are things to share and any significant developments.

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