Milton Keynes Christian Centre write:

With your help, we’re looking forward this coming year to serving the needs of our community. Over the next twelve months, we’re raising £20,000 for four specific areas. We want to show the people in our city that God is for them, and we are too – we are “for Milton Keynes”.

Poverty and Disadvantage

£10,000 will be given to support the expansion of Food Bank Top-Up Shops, establish Mobile Top-Up Shops and help provide a wider range of low-cost items and choice to people using the Food Bank.

Next Generation

We’re asking for £4,000 over the next twelve months, to support projects and initiatives that empower young people to reach their life aspirations, to address education needs, and provide employment, training and counselling.

Crime and Safety

£3,000 will be given to support the agencies and organisations tackling issues facing young people in our city, and put a stop to gang violence and knife crime. The fund will also go to supporting projects that promote a safer city.

Women’s Hygiene

We’re asking for £3,000 to launch and run a brand-new ForMK Hygiene Project across the city, tackling ‘period poverty’. This project will ensure that women in disadvantaged areas have access to sanitary products.

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