Dear Friends,

In my last newsletter, I picked up some of the major themes arising from our last Assembly, and it is becoming more apparent that it is these themes, the building of communities of character and the associated values, virtues and practices which go with that, which are key for us all at this point in our life together. This is not least because the Covid crisis causes us to look afresh at how we nurture our faith. Accordingly, our next Assembly on November 25th will seek to go more deeply into these themes and act as a springboard for further development. Under the heading “Crisis, Challenge and Commitment….responding to Covid 19” the Assembly will explore how we strengthen our discipleship together by looking at some very simple questions which arise from the letter to the Colossians. From that base, we will offer some Advent reflections for you to follow up individually and then look to offer further occasions, starting in January next year, when we meet to support each other and work together at developing our individual and community life of discipleship. This, along with our well-established coMPass programme, is a way of bringing to life those “patient spaces” where we can develop our particular vocation which we identified as important at the July Assembly. It also identifies the importance of simplicity, as we look to focus on what is really important about our faith rather than the extraneous baggage which we so often allow to weigh our faith down: we do tend to “over-furnish” our faith. This is an opportunity to make the main thing the main thing! Please put this important date in your calendar and make sure you are involved from the beginning.

Part of our discipleship is our offering of service to those around us, and I am thrilled that our bereavement support project gentlespaces will launch pilots this month. I have been quite moved by the numbers of people who have volunteered to help: we have trained 30 so far and have another 20 in the pipeline. The project is clearly of enormous potential value to those who have been bereaved recently, particularly through Covid, and we are without question addressing a major gap in provision in MK, which is causing substantial interest. If you yourself or someone you know would benefit from the group support on offer, please be in touch through our dedicated phone line which will be available very soon on the gentlespaces area of our website.

Every Blessing,


pdf version to download – Mission Partnership Newsletter – November 2020