Post Pentecost Reflections 2021

Post Pentecost Reflections 2021: ‘Wildfires’

Daily Inspiration on the Holy Spirit – a biblical journey from Genesis to Revelation

We’re pleased to introduce a new series of reflections post Pentecost written by Rev. Matt Trendall.  We offer our grateful thanks to Matt for sharing these with us. This series of reflections – which we’re calling ‘Wildfires’ – reflects on the person and work of the Holy Spirit, from the first verses of Genesis, to the last verses of Revelation.  Often the ‘forgotten’ part of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit is there at Creation and also at the climax of the New Creation, co-equal with God the Father and Jesus Christ, revealing the reality of God’s presence and power to the world throughout history.  Over the next 61 days we’ll celebrate the Holy Spirit, and continue to welcome His presence in our lives today.

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