The PrayMK project, which grew out of The Call , exists to encourage and resource prayer across MK for individuals, small groups and churches. It is funded by the Anglican Diocese as part of the Celebrate and Bless MK priority.

Its first project was an interactive prayer space which included work from international artist Scott Erickson around the theme of “Teach me to Pray”… but plans were changed by the Covid-19 outbreak. Since then PrayMK has produced various resources for Easter 2020 including an audiobook, a free e-book, some family resources and 3 virtual prayer-walks.

Once a month, churches in MK are coming together to pray for a certain issue it is facing. PrayMK is producing resources that can be used as part of a service, in a group or for private prayer.

For June 2020 they have produced some resources to help you and your church pray into the racism experienced by Black people around the world: those far away, and those who live next door.

Their hope is to unite in repentance, humility and a desire to be used by Christ to build a future more defined by righteousness.

The free resources for this month are:

  • A video which you can download and drop into your online service or pass round on social media.
  • A written prayer for those who are providing written resources or news-sheets
  • An active prayer resource sheet for families.

All of it is available to access and download here

Subscribe on their website to receive them straight to your inbox

In the future PrayMK will be providing more online prayer labyrinths, prayer guides, resources for individuals, families and small groups as well as larger gatherings and more.

With thanks to Paul, Debbie and the PrayMK team!

Churches Together in England write:

“We need to keep on praying: prayer makes a difference”- message from CTE Presidents

In a series of video messages released on 6 May 2020, Presidents of Churches Together in England are encouraging us to keep praying prayers of hope, because prayer makes a difference.

Each video includes optional subtitles, and a transcript of each message can be found at the bottom of the page.

#Prayers of Hope

Join hundreds of Christians praying #PrayersOfHope each Sunday at 7pm.

Print out a poster, put it in your window and keep the prayer going!           #ChurchesTogether #Unity

Jenny Mills, minister at URC Newport Pagnell and West End United Church in Wolverton, has written a leaflet full of ideas for children’s prayers – and easy to use by adults too.

  • Sit and watch a spider or other creature or look carefully at something God has created. Observe the beauty and detail. This is a prayer!
  • Dance, sing, laugh! On your own or with others. To music or not. Be aware of your body and how it feels and works. This is a prayer!
  • As you eat or drink be aware of where your food has come from and how fortunate you are to have it. Maybe think about those who do not have as much. This is a prayer!
  • Stand still and look at the sky. Listen and look. Feel the wind, sun, warmth or cold. Spin round and experience how it feels. This is prayer!

 To download the full leaflet click here

For a simple form of daily prayer, go to Sacred Space 

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