Prayer is talking to God, connecting to the divine.

Anyone can pray.

And you can start now, right where you are – just begin and see where it takes you.”


Go to their website here to read articles about what prayer is, different ways to pray, and how to pray when you don’t know where to start.


Sacred Space

For a simple form of daily prayer, go to Sacred Space 


The PrayMK project, which grew out of The Call , existed to encourage and resource prayer across MK for individuals, small groups and churches. It was funded by the Anglican Diocese as part of the Celebrate and Bless MK priority. Its projects included an interactive prayer space, various Easter, Advent and Christmas resources including an audiobook, a free e-book, some family resources and 3 virtual prayer-walks. They held a 24-7 Virtual Prayer Room event with around 150 hours filled with prayer and Together Sunday brought churches together once a month to pray for a certain issue it was facing. PrayMK produced resources that could be used as part of a service, in a group or for private prayer, online prayer labyrinths, prayer guides, resources for individuals, families and small groups as well as larger gatherings and more. We have been truly blessed to have Debbie, Paul and the PrayMK team!

In February 2022, after two years of great work, The PrayMK project came to an end. 

Debbie wrote:

“We are here to let you know about a few new things to read, watch and use. And we are also here to say goodbye for now and thank you for joining us. The PrayMK project is coming to an end and we are so proud of all we have made and shared over the last two years.

The first new thing is a book of poems, prayers and thoughts all written in 2020 and 2021. I am a writer and we decided that rather than creating more resources similar to those we made in 2020 (they are still available here), we would put together a book of new poems, prayers and thoughts. I hope you will find the book inspiring and useful. Please watch the conversation here to find out a little more. If you would like to order your copy in paperback or ebook format – you can!”


Though the project is closing, the resources will keep coming. Launching in the Spring 2022 term will be a Prayer Tent available to you to create a pop-up prayer space in your church community, perfect for dedicated prayer days or weeks. Also, in production at the moment is the “PrayerBox” – great for groups of friends and families to gather round a table, eat and pray together. Follow St Mark’s MK for news on these resources. 


Although this specific project, funded by the diocese, is closing, the desire to focus on Jesus and resource prayer does not end. All the resources remain available at St. Mark’s and more resources and events will pop up in the future. Follow along and keep an eye out for inspiration and resources in the future. Any questions, just ask!


Christian Concern for One World (CCOW)

CCOW offer resources for prayer and action on a wide range of issues, with a focus on trade justice, fair trade, climate change, and responses to refugees. They help to plan local and national events at which people can gather information, spend time in prayer, and join in conversation and planning with others who care about the same questions. They work by providing resources and making connections that facilitate sharing information and concerns, sharing in prayer, sharing in reflection and action, and sharing among different communities.

Amongst other things, they provide regular emails covering key points for prayer and action and downloadable or print resources that cover key issues and ways of engaging others.



Jenny Mills, former minister at URC Newport Pagnell and West End United Church in Wolverton, has written a leaflet full of ideas for children’s prayers – and easy to use by adults too.

  • Sit and watch a spider or other creature or look carefully at something God has created. Observe the beauty and detail. This is a prayer!
  • Dance, sing, laugh! On your own or with others. To music or not. Be aware of your body and how it feels and works. This is a prayer!
  • As you eat or drink be aware of where your food has come from and how fortunate you are to have it. Maybe think about those who do not have as much. This is a prayer!
  • Stand still and look at the sky. Listen and look. Feel the wind, sun, warmth or cold. Spin round and experience how it feels. This is prayer!

 To download the full leaflet click here

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Churches Together in Milton Keynes

The Milton Keynes Mission Partnership is being dissolved and our mailing lists will be cancelled.  Our data cannot be transferred to another charity because of data protection rules (GDPR).

A new organisation is being set up by a working group.  We hope and pray that “Churches Together in Milton Keynes” will build strong relationships between churches in Milton Keynes – seeking to encourage ecumenical mission and mutual support.

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United in Prayer for Ukraine

Churches Together in England and Churches Together in Britain & Ireland are supporting Christian Aid to create a moment of prayer and witness for the crisis in Ukraine on Sunday 3rd April, which is Passion Sunday. #WePrayforUkraine

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A renewed commitment – press statement from Churches Together in England

CTE Forum 2022 – The Hayes, Swanwick

The Churches Together in England Forum, the broadest ecumenical gathering in the country, ended on 16/3/22 with a renewed commitment that the church is ready to serve a ‘broken world’.

More than 300 delegates from CTE’s 52 national Member Churches, Bodies in Association and partner organisations met to discuss the theme ‘Reconciling Hope: A broken church for a broken world’ viewed through the lenses of racial justice and the climate emergency.

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