Following one of the #ROCConversationsMK that took place earlier this year, organised by Redeeming our Communities (ROC), Hazeley Academy have offered local group Truth for Youth a facility to run some youth work.

Truth For Youth is a non profit community program. TFY runs every Friday evening and provides free weekly projects and workshops that educate and benefit young people. They promote real empowerment so that youth are involved as much as possible in all aspects of the program, including planning, implementation, evaluation, management and decision making. They want to support young people to develop and grow into adulthood, to be happy and healthy, and to feel part of their communities and wider society through positive opportunities. Experienced and knowledgeable youth work professionals are working with young people in several outstanding youth organisations every single day, they want to connect with as many organisations as they can in Milton Keynes as when young people are supported and communities are strong, all of society benefits.


Truth for Youth currently have vacancies for  Volunteer Youth Workers. Below are the job description and the link to apply:

Job description – Volunteer Youth Worker – Truth for Youth

Link to apply here