Many of you will be aware of the ROC (Redeeming our Communities) initiative in the city. As one of a number of projects that it is bringing to life, the ROC Tele-Mentors Community Mentoring programme is aimed at supporting people going through tough times in our community. Through goal-focussed mentoring, space is created for people to explore their strengths, try new things and step towards a brighter future. The vision is to see people in tough places flourish. 

Please see the email below from Nudrat Hopper, Coordinator for ROC Tele-mentoring MK. If you are interested in becoming a mentor for the Tele-mentoring project, please contact Nudrat on

Dear John,
I am writing to update you regarding ROC Tele-mentoring project in MK.
Having started the Tele-mentoring project a few weeks ago, I am really pleased to report that ROC Tele-mentoring MK is wanting to recruit some more mentors who can support families in need in Milton Keynes. This need has arisen mainly because our original group of mentors has diminished somewhat while at the same time, the referrals from statutory agencies are coming in thick and fast – the need is great.
I spent the first week of April interviewing the mentors which was such a privilege; they are a fantastically varied group of people who bring a lot of experience to the role. I will be spending some of this week meeting the families via zoom and then matching them up to the most appropriate mentor. So, what am I asking you to do?
Firstly and most importantly, please support us with prayer. Secondly, could you please mention ROC Tele-mentoring to the churches that you have links with so that if there are people who may be interested, they could contact me directly at I am very happy for you to use this email to inform the congregations as to what is going on. You, very kindly, circulated information about ROC to the other churches in the partnership previously.
If anyone is interested, there is going to be a ‘taster’ evening in early May which I would be happy to inform people about. 
Thank you for all the support, hoping and praying that God continues to bless this endeavour. 
Best wishes,
Nudrat Hopper Coordinator Tele-mentoring MK