This Summer we will be running two coMPass courses:

The Virtual Museum: the Bible in (about!) 20 Objects

Hosted by: Peter Ballantine

Can’t get to the British Museum because of lockdown? Our “trip” this year will take in a wide range of artefacts from across the globe to illustrate the background to the Bible. Come and experience some “I never knew that!” moments…

  1. The Start of the Story
  2. The Nation Israel
  3. The Time of the Gospels
  4. The Early Church
  5. Ancient Texts

Thursday evenings 22nd April – 20th May

All sessions will be via Zoom

Cost £25

Approaching Creation: Windows on the Divine

Hosted by:  John Robertson, Carolyn Sanderson, Barry Lotz, Peter Ballantine 

Discover a deeper appreciation of creation through your response to the world around us and open a window onto God. Practical creativity is encouraged!

Approaching Creation…

  1. … through Prayer (JR)                          
  2. … through Words (CS)                         
  3. … through Art (BL) 
  4. … through Liturgy (CS) 
  5. … through Science (PB) 

Tuesday evenings 11th May – 8th June

All sessions will be via Zoom

Cost £25

Full details, including how to sign up and details of our course tutors, can be found here.

We do hope you can join us!