PrayMK is a project which grew out of The Call, trying to galvanise and resource prayer for the city, across the city.

Once a month, churches in Milton Keynes are coming together to pray for a certain issue it is facing. Praymk is producing resources that can be used as part of a service, in a group or for private prayer.

This month they have produced some resources to help you and your church pray into the racism experienced by Black people around the world: those far away, and those who live next door.

Their hope is to unite in repentance, humility and a desire to be used by Christ to build a future more defined by righteousness.

The free resources for this month are:

  • A video which you can download and drop into your online service or pass round on social media.
  • A written prayer for those who are providing written resources or news-sheets
  • An active prayer resource sheet for families.

All of it is available to access and download here

Subscribe on their website to receive them straight to your inbox

In the future PrayMK will be providing more online prayer labyrinths, prayer guides, resources for individuals, families and small groups as well as larger gatherings and more.

With thanks to Paul, Debbie and the PrayMK team!