Milton Keynes Community Foundation write:

Vital Signs MK is an annual publication designed to summarise the current research on the communities of Milton Keynes and present it in an easy-to-read summary of a much longer report.

Vital Signs is an international initiative supported by many UK Community Foundations. It aims to identify significant research that reflect the vitality of Milton Keynes measuring several areas critical to the quality of life in the city.

In 2020, we reported specifically about the effect the COVID-19 pandemic had in relation four areas: Diversity; Health and Wellbeing; Poverty and Disadvantage; Crime and Safety. From the research carried out in 2020 the issues that emerged through various lockdowns were; extended furlough; closures in hospitality, retail and schools; continuing self-isolation and travel restrictions.

This year’s focus is Health and Wellbeing; Poverty and Disadvantage; Work and Education. We have also looked at each area through the lens of Diversity and how different parts of our community are adversely affected to reflect the intersectionality of issues.

Milton Keynes Community Foundation will continue our series of Vital Thinking events in collaboration with our local partners and community groups to address the causes and impacts of these issues.” Click here to discover more & download your copy.