Winter Night Shelter MK write:

We are so pleased to be able to open our Night Shelter again this winter, alongside several other elements of wraparound care, which will help to save and rebuild lives. As a charity we can only help the homeless in the way we do because of the good will of hundreds of volunteers from across Milton Keynes willing to ‘do their bit’. Our volunteers typically give a few hours every fortnight. We are now recruiting volunteers for our winter season to help with the following services:

  1. The Night Shelter (supervised overnight accommodation) (daily)
  2. Evening reception cafe and early morning locker access at Unity Park Station to support the Night Shelter service (daily)
  3. Evening support to the MK Council’s rough sleeper provision (daily)
  4. Daytime Takeaway Food Service (Mondays only)
  5. Cooks in the Community (by arrangement)
  6. Support to the MK Food Bank collection point service (Wednesday and Thursday afternoons)

We are very aware that Covid has not gone away and have designed our services and their operating procedures very carefully, with safety and Covid precautions as paramount considerations in light of current guidance. Further details of our measures to keep everyone as safe as possible are explained on the Volunteer page of our website (link below) and the sign-up forms you can find there. (It is also worth noting that we are still operating in a very uncertain environment and our ability to move forward with even the best laid plans could also depend on factors outside of our control, such as changes to government advice/restrictions and decisions taken by the Council. At this point we are moving forward with our best laid plans.)

Every year our guests tell us how grateful they are to find support and a place of refuge when they are at a point of crisis, and the kindness and compassion of our volunteers lifts their spirits when they are at their lowest. Every year too we have volunteers tell us how much volunteering enriches their life and how much they enjoyed their experience. We invite you to join us!