MK Based Youthwork+ seeks to inspire and support churches, projects and Christian ministries to see more young people’s lives transformed and hopefully more young people finding a home within supportive church communities.

Their vision is for churches and all those within them working with children and young people, to feel valued, supported, equipped and encouraged to learn from each other and work together to enable the kingdom of God to breakthrough into the lives of children and young people in their community.

They write:

“We’ve got a short new promotional film for sharing who we are with youth/kids leaders, churches, charities and more. Feel free to watch and share the video to raise awareness of Youthwork+ and help us find both those who could benefit from our support and those that want to champion and support our work.  Perhaps you could play it at your church or share it in the notice slot?

We also now have flyers and business cards too so if you’d like any to help you promote our work within your church or charity or friendship circles let us know and we can get some to you. Email

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